Structured Credit

Structured Credit continues to offer compelling returns, through the potential for capital appreciation and regular income.

Alcentra limits its activities in the structured credit markets to those instruments that are based on portfolios of sub-investment grade corporate debt.

Collateralised Loan Obligations (“CLOs”) are tranches of debt securities backed by senior Secured Loans to U.S. and European corporates.

Following the last economic crisis, prices of CLO securities fell substantially, and have recovered more slowly than other fixed income asset classes including the loan portfolios on which they are based. As a result, Structured Credit can provide a cheap way to access the underlying loan portfolios.

Alcentra targets the mezzanine and equity tranches where we have identified the highest opportunity for capital appreciation and income.

Key to maximising income in this asset class is to understand the underlying assets, and minimise the risk of defaults.

For further information on the strategy please contact us or for more background information on the Management Team please press here.


  • EuroHedge Awards 2017 Winner
  • Barron’s
  • HFMWeek 2017 - European Performance Awards
  • Global Capital Awards 2016 - Best Institutional Investor in Senior Loans
  • ALT Credit Intelligence 2016 - European Performance Award
  • BarclayHedge 2015 - Ranked #1 in the Distressed Securities Category
  • CreditFlux 2015 - Manager Awards 2015
  • Private Debt Investor Awards 2014 - Deal of the Year
  • Private Debt Investor Awards 2014 - Direct Lender of the Year
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