Secured Loans

Superior, risk adjusted returns while focussing on capital preservation.

Secured Loans are sub-investment grade corporate debt instruments that are secured against the assets of the borrower. Because of this, Secured Loans are expected to offer a higher recovery rate in the event of default than unsecured obligations like High Yield Bonds. Loan investors often receive the benefit of extensive legal covenants that provide control over borrowers in the event of weaker performance.

Secured Loans offer a floating rate of income, with a fixed margin above interbank offered rates, offering an investor protection in a rising interest rate environment and less duration risk than fixed rate assets. Due to their position in the capital structure Secured Loans display lower secondary market price volatility than High Yield Bonds.

Alcentra is one of the leading participants in this market, and is frequently approached by private equity firms, arranging banks, and borrowers as a cornerstone investor in high profile corporate financings.

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