Special Situations


Special Situations strategies aim to offer a high return without a corresponding increase in risk

Special Situations Strategy

Special Situations Strategy

The Special Situations strategy aims to generate attractive risk adjusted returns by investing in stressed, distressed and new money financing opportunities, primarily in Northern and Western Europe.

We deploy a fundamental value based approach and seek to invest in assets that are mispriced as a result of financial stress. These include cases of temporary market dislocation, situations where sound businesses require balance sheet restructuring, or the ability to provide capital where traditional sources of financing are no longer available.

Alcentra’s Approach

The strategy relies on a strong knowledge of how legal frameworks affect corporates and their stakeholders as they go through, or risk going through, restructuring processes. It overlays the product expertise of a dedicated, specialist investment team, with Alcentra’s extensive knowledge of the issuer universe and sponsor relationships in global credit markets.

Our strategy is focused on downside protection through strong asset coverage or solid cash flow generation. We primarily invest in senior secured debt in jurisdictions with strong creditor rights and seek to deliver attractive risk adjusted returns via a combination of capital appreciation and current income.

Please contact us for further information on the strategy or on the Management Team.

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