Long-only and alternative investment strategies are combined to deliver holistic solutions designed to capture the most attractive, timely opportunities within global credit markets



Alcentra’s Multi-Strategy solutions offer investors access to our US and European investment strategies on an integrated basis with the additional benefits of ongoing strategy allocation, increased diversification, integrated risk management, and consolidated reporting. These tactical, outcome-focused solutions can deliver, in one vehicle, holistic exposure to liquid and semi-liquid investments such as Senior Loans, High Yield Bonds, Special Situations, and Structured Credit, and in certain circumstances, illiquid Investments, including Middle-Market Direct Lending. Bespoke Multi-Strategy solutions can be provided through managed accounts.

Alcentra’s Approach

Leveraging an asset allocation committee, lead portfolio managers from US and Europe establish the initial and ongoing strategy allocations seeking to exploit the most attractive and timely opportunities in our markets in search of income, capital appreciation, or both. Allocations are based on our forward looking determinants of relative value across global markets, assessment of liquidity premia, and the identification of major risks. Risk is managed top-down through the strategy allocation process and bottom-up at the individual position level across all strategies in order to meet investment objectives in varying market scenarios.

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Multi-Strategy Funds

BNY Mellon Alcentra Global Multi-Strategy Credit Fund, Inc.

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